Services for Attorneys

Donald J. Martin provides legal services only to attorneys who are members of the Pennsylvania Bar. Those attorneys continue to represent their clients and make all arrangements for professional services with their clients. Services are billed at a standard rate charge of $350 an hour, plus the amount of costs, such as copying, printing and binding, incurred.

Billing is handled monthly, or at an appropriate, predetermined stage of a project. Invoices are expected to be paid within thirty days of their issue date, and providing there are no invoices outstanding over thirty days, a five percent discount will be offered for payments received by the due date. Files are destroyed ten years after the last services are performed, unless a request is received in writing to do so before that time.

Relationships are exclusively with the attorney retaining services, and not with that attorney's client, so payment from the attorney is expected.

Relationship with Attorneys and Their Clients

Limited Representation: Services are limited to the particular tasks assigned and agreed upon. Donald J. Martin will not represent your client generally unless such services are agreed to in advance, expressly and in writing.

Attorneys who retain services continue to represent their client, and will deal with their client and other counsel. Donald J. Martin will not represent your client directly, now or in the future. Donald J. Martin does not accept representation of persons or businesses directly. He works only with other attorneys who remain counsel of record.

In certain matters, if agreed upon, Martin may agree to enter an appearance, sign the brief, or present oral argument, if appropriate. If you do not want his name on the brief, that is fine.

The attorney who retains the services of Donald J. Martin must make all disclosures and meet all other requirements of the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly Rule 1.5(e) regarding division of fees for legal services.

Areas of Practice

  • Appeals
  • Briefs
  • Motions

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